Tuesday, July 5, 2011

VC Rocks--Swap #1

I decided this summer I was going to try and do more with my stamping....so step 1 was to become a part of a couple groups that deal with stamping.  Step 2 was to participate in some swaps (my first ever).  I just received my swaps back so I can post the swaps that I sent in.  This was a 6 x 6 Punch Swap and I for sure didn't know what I was doing---but I think they turned out okay.

I made it a bit bigger than normal so you can read my writing!  =-)  Loved both Pooh and his friend Piglet which I made earlier this year here.  They are cased from a blog called Eve's Offcuts and the link is in my original post.

Enjoy!  I'll be back with my other swaps as I get them back in the mail.....

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