Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Envelope for the Envelope?

A little over a month ago I made this card.  It's called an envelope card because the exterior is made from a sealed envelope and then there is a little notecard that slides in and out of it for the message.  One thing I didn't take into consideration was if you make the card out of an envelope what do you mail it in??  I took this card with me on a trip hoping to mail it to a friend while I was there....hmmm....it doesn't fit in my envelopes (A2)....ooops!  So I have a picture of the card that I love, but has not yet been sent to anyone...maybe I'll find a bigger envelope after I unpack my stamp room from it's move to the basement!

I love the colors in this designer paper!  Too bad it's retired now (but I did stock up on it for the future).

1 comment:

lisa808 said...

I've never seen these style card before. Cute idea. Perhaps you can make an envelope.