Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Poor Neglected Blog

I had a friend and fellow demonstrator ask me in November if I was still a demonstrator...."uh, yes, " I replied, "why do you ask?"  She responded with, "Well, I've been checking your blog and you haven't posted in so long I wondered..."

Uh-oh--better get on it I thought (and yet here it is 2 months later).  It's not like I haven't been stamping--I just haven't been stamping regularly due to my busy-ness with school this year. So here's a quick catch up of some of my holiday cards that I have made with my stamping groups over the last few months--at least the ones that I took pictures of before I sent off in the mail!  Ha!

I loved this sweet angel....if you like her maybe she'll be on the clearance rack soon!  =-)

The goal is to be a bit more "bloggy" so I'm going to try!  I have a lot of pictures that I took  before Christmas that I can post while I'm playing with my new Occasions goodies!