Sunday, November 17, 2013

SU Weekly Deals for Nov. 12 - 18

Hey my stampin' friends!  I'm going to be sending an order in tomorrow that includes some of these items so if you'd like to tag along with me to save on shipping let me know asap!  I've been waffling on the bow die for awhile, but just in the past week I found 3 different ideas that used it in alternative ways .....and now it's on SALE!

I sure hope I haven't waited too long....and it's sold out!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Treats

I have a first grade class of 25 students this year...they are a great group of kids and I'm enjoying our time together!  Every year (since I live in the country) I sit out in front of our school and let the kids come trick or treat me there.  I've done it for so many years that I often have past students come and visit me too!  Here are the treats that I made for my kiddos!  The bat idea I got from Julie Davison and I found the sucker idea on pinterest--Sara Stamper is the blog I found the directions on.  They were in cm  so I had to translate to inches....but they came together very easily.

I also give them a book along with the treats! 
A side note--towards the end of my time sitting in front of my school 4 middle school aged boys were coming down the street and as they huddled together about a block away I thought "oh great--what are they planning?"  and to be honest, I was a little nervous.  I was sitting in my lawn chair huddled in blankets since it was a bit cold and here they came.  I chatted with them and gave them some candy and as they walked away two of them held up some money and said, "We saw you from across the park and thought you were homeless....we were coming to give you some money."  Aww....made my night and really touched my heart.