Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Huge Apology!

I'm feeling sooo guilty about not posting for over a month!  I've been dealing with some health issues and a camera problem.....

First for my health.  I've been struggling with a sinus infection since the tail end of September and finally had a sinus procedure right before Christmas.  Unfortunately, I'm still dealing with sinuses that won't drain and can't seem to get over the infection!  The worst part of the whole procedure was my lack of smell/taste for about a week.  I can't imagine having that be a problem for the rest of my life!

The other problem-my camera.  It's difficult to take pictures with a dead camera and a cord to recharge it that just can't seem to be found anywhere!  I'm hoping my daughter can take pictures of the 20 plus Christmas cards that I had made before Thanksgiving and had hoped to share all during the month of December.....so I can at least share them quickly before we get too far past the Christmas season!

Anyway--from my family to yours.....I hope you had a marvelous and blessed Christmas this year!