Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I Think You're Great!

At our last party I messed around a bit with this stamp set intended for "kissing."  We tried inking up the solid stamp and then "kissing" it to a dry stamp with no ink on it....here's what we got:

It just seemed very undefined and although there is a pattern in there on the background, it looks like I squiggled the stamp around and blurred the image (which I didn't--I don't think).  

When we inked up one stamp in a darker ink and one lighter we got this--which I turned into this card using the Cherry on Top wash tape:

I like it much better!

Right now I'm sitting in the LasVegas airport waiting for my connection flight to Salt Lake City, Utah.  I'm heading there for the Stampin' Up Convention.  I have been working like crazy on all of my swaps--I don't know how people have time to create 300 or 500 swap cards.  I've been working non stop on my 160 cards that I'm making for the swaps that I joined.  I didn't make any to just do general swapping with--thought I'd be less stressed this way.  Hmmm....  Here's what I've been doing as I sit in the airport--working on my WOW swap of 51 cards....

I'll post reports of what's happening at convention this week as well as photos of my swaps!  I'll be sending out an e-mail with the info. for weekly deals when I get into my hotel room tonight!

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