Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

This was the most popular card of the offerings that I had for the Christmas Card event I held at my school.  I cased it from Lorri Heiling--her card was square and a bit different, but basically the same design.  Love that country look--especially on the naturals ivory paper.

The second card (on the right) was only chosen by 2 people to do, but it's so easy and striking.  
It uses the perfect pennants die--no stamping at all on this one!  Cased from Connie Tumm (if I can read her watermark correctly).

I'll talk more about the one on the left tomorrow!  =-)  Too tired tonight.  Time for bed.

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Brenda Hugar said...

Great cards! Thanks for sharing and hope you went to sleep quicky!

Merry Christmas