Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's the Most "Wonderful Wreath" Time of the Year!

Love the simplicity of this card.....

and I didn't even do a good job of matching up the 2nd layer of leaves!  =-)  I was surprised when I used the Filigree Frame embossing folder that it was full card size and you really can't cut it down much over an 1/8th of an inch--still love it though!

I'm having people over for "Stamp Set of the Month" and let me tell you--it's a lot of fun, but it sure makes me want to get my basement finished and a stamping area set up down there--then I don't have this to contend much.

Okay--we'd still have the mess, but at least I wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs a bazillion times to get things I forgot!!    Until next time!

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