Saturday, September 7, 2013

Banner Love!

I've been recovering over the past week from a sinus surgery....which means I haven't been sleeping well due to swollen sinuses.  As I've laid awake during the night I've been thinking about what I wanted to do with my new banner kit that I received from Stampin' Up....I knew I wanted to make a "school themed" banner for my classroom, but I couldn't decide on the work or how I'd decorate it.  However in the midst of my dreams (or lack thereof) I got an idea for a Seasonal Banner Class which in turn firmed up my ideas about what I wanted to do for school.  Here's my banner and even though it's not perfect--I love how it turned out!

I did all the punch art pieces first--I got the idea for the pencils from a banner here (Aug. 9, 2013 post) and the owl with banners here.  I found the bus punch art on Diana Gibbs' blog.  The Teach stamp is from a super old PTI set that I have.  

After I got all the punch art done it was time to tackle the "learn" banner.  I decided to use sponges instead of the spritzers to do my dots, stripes and chevrons.  Actually it was super easy--I was most worried about keeping things straight with the chevrons and stripes.  Then came the letters.....I think I got a bit over-confident since the "l" was so easy....and I wasn't careful---as seen by my smudgy "e." 

Oh well--it really doesn't take away from the banner.  Did I mention I love how it turned out??  Ha!  I can't wait to see it in my room since I made it to go with the curtain that's on my window where I'll be hanging it.  I'll be sure to post a picture after I get it hung this weekend.

Think you might like to make a banner?  Your chance is coming! 


Kari Klemick said...

I love this Dawn! I can't wait to create one! I am a grade one teacher as well and would love to create one for my classroom when I go back after my leave. In the meantime, I think I might design a "create" one for my workspace Thanks for the inspiration! Your banner is FABULOUS!!!!

Connie said...

So glad you liked my bus punch was so fun to design (although I know you saw it on Diana's blog...she got it from me! lol!) My daughter-in-law would love this...need to make one for her 3rd grade classroom! Darling!

lisa808 said...


Connie Collins said...

You took an already fabulous banner idea and made it over-the-top adorable. I love everything about it!

Julie Davison said...

GORGEOUS banner!! I love every little detail!