Monday, October 3, 2011

Cauldron and Owl Directions!

Thanks for all the kind comments left by visitors!  Here's how I made the cauldron---it's really very easy!

1.  Cut 2-- 5 inch circles.  I used my circle scissors cutter.
2.  Trim about a 3/4 inch off 1 side of each circle to be the top of the pot.
3.  Cut two rectangles 3/4 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches.  Round all corners of each rectangle.
4.  Glue the rounded rectangle to the top flat edge of each circle--making sure they match each other fairly well.

5.  Punch out four 1 inch circles for the cauldron legs.  
6.  To make the handles  punch first with a 1/2 inch circle punch then center that opening inside a 3/4 inch punch and punch it out--and you get the shape in my picture--you need four!

7.  Make the box for the inside.  Here are the measurements and where to score for a box to hold four 3 x 3 cards and envelopes:

     a.  Cut your cardstock to 5 1/2 by 7 inches.
     b.   On the 5 1/2 in. side score at 1 inch and 4 1/2 inches.
     c.  On the 7 in. side score at 3 in. and 4 in.
Put together using sticky strip.  

   Here are the measurements for a bit wider box if you want to have the cauldron hold a bag of treats!

     a.  Cut cardstock to 6 1/2 by 7 1/2
     b.  On the 6 1/2 inch side score at 1 1/2 inches and at 5 inches
     c.  On the 7 1/2 inch side score at 3 inches and 4 1/2 inches.

8.  Attach the box with sticky strip inside the circles--there should be just a tiny bit of each corner showing that will be covered up by the circle "legs" of the cauldron.  To attach legs to the bottom of the cauldron, I set the cauldron upright to make sure I positioned them in a way that the cauldron can remain standing.  Attach the handles in the position you like.

9.  Add the "brew" bubbling over with Dazzling Details.

I also made a broom because the cauldron seemed really bare to me with only the greeting on it!
To make the broom I stamped a scrap of soft suede cardstock with the woodgrain stamp and then cut off a piece 1/4 inch by 4 1/2 inches and just rounded the top with my scissors.  I then sponged the edges with soft suede ink.
To make the broom part--I cut a crumb cake rectangle and fringed it with my scissors.  Using glue dots to hold it I wrapped it around the broom handle and secured it with glue dots.  I added the string/bow with hemp.  Then finished it by sponging the broom part with soft suede and crinkling them out with my fingers to give the broom more dimension.

I think this would look great with a punch art witch standing in back of the cauldron--don't you?
BTW my greeting came from the SU set Grateful Greetings.

Here's what I used for the Owl Treat Bag:

1. One Early Espresso top note cut out from my Big Shot.  Sponge edges with early espresso ink.
2.  Fold top note in half.
3.  For the eyes, punch out--two 1 1/4 inch circles from whisper white, two 1 inch circles from bashful blue and two 3/4 inch circles from black. For the eyelids punch out one 1 1/4" circle from early espresso, cut in half and sponge with early espresso ink.
4.  Punch out two bird bodies from the bird punch and sponge with early espresso.  Attach as "ear feathers"  (not really ears, but they look like it).
5.  Punch out 1 of the larger hearts from the three heart punch from more mustard cardstock for a beak--I chose the skinnier one--and sponged this also with early espresso.
6.  Punch out one 2 3/8" scallop circle from early espresso, cut in half and sponge.  Attach with glue dots for wings.
6.  Punch out two five petal flowers  from pumpkin pie--sponge with early espresso after you trim down to only 3 petals.  These are attached with glue dots at the bottom of the bag.  It took me several moves to get these positioned so they looked like owl talons.
Speaking of the bag--I used a 3 x 5 cello bag that I had in my stash.
Hope this helps!  Have fun and be sure to e-mail me if you have any questions!


Kim said...

How cute! I am definitely going to case this project!!

Elaine said...

What great projects. That owl is a definitely case!

lisa808 said...

Thanks so much!

Patricia Nobile said...

Love this....very cute