Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Disaster with a Capital D and Snow

     I'm home again today due to snow---AGAIN!  I've taught in Kansas for 25 years and this breaks the record for the number of snow days in one school year--we are at 6 + 1 for no heat in the building and as you can see from my pictures the snow continues to fall and is supposed to do so until noon tomorrow!

This is quite a gift for me when it comes to my stamping room.  I've had 2 classes in the past 3 days which involved taking a lot of my supplies to different locations--which then means I have to put it all away now!
     My first class was scheduled by an older woman (mother of a lady I work with) for her retirement living area.  She wanted to do 5 cards in an afternoon--so I set out to create what I thought were fairly simple cards.  Do you know the saying, "Pride goeth before the fall?"  Yep, that's me.  I was terribly proud of my organization.  I had all materials for each card cut, scored and put into labeled baggies and then all 5 baggies put into one large ziploc so the ladies could keep track of their cards etc...  I then tubbed all the supplies for each card and wrote out step by step directions for the ladies to follow if they wanted.  I was READY!  =-)

My first clue should have been when a few of the ladies pulled all of the baggies out and looked at them and said, "I can't read what it says here--what is that?" I responded #3--"those are the makings for card #3."
Then I heard--"well I don't have that stuff here at my table" followed by response that the cards were set up around the room followed by this:  "I have to move???"  Oh My Goodness--they didn't read the directions, listen to my directions or even look at the samples to see what their card was to look like--I cleaned up more glue than I usually do in my first grade classroom--even though I'd told them multiple times that it was very strong glue!  30 minutes in I was praying for God's help because the ladies were frustrated and there wasn't enough of me to go around!  Fortunately, they hit a wall 1 1/2 hours in and decided that I needed to come back early in March to help them finish.  Good!  Time to problem solve.  Sharyn who organized this class got 4 of the 5 cards done and did a great job--I may have to put her to work helping me in March!  Anyway---really LOOOONG story short---here are the cards we worked on:

They were all cased from other blogs--with just minor changes according to the supplies that I own.  I'll try to find the 5th card--it's in all the stuff I'm putting away--the dimensionals with the protective papers pulled off of a whole sheet, my sticky tombow multi glue bottles, ink pads left open, glue dots stuck everywhere.....here's to cleaning time!

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